Perfect beer food

Sandwiches on chef-made focaccia bread; special recipe Mac & Cheese made with three cheeses and adorned with tasty toppings; Burgers served with seasoned fries and house slaw; pork or vegan Bratwursts, and house-seasoned potato fries loaded with flavour.

Vegan and vegetarian dishes. Gluten-free buns available

plant-based veagn vegetarian swindon food


Served in a glazed bun [gluten-free available] with a side of seasoned fries

Disco brisket * £16

Aged beef patty, pulled beef brisket, pickled red onions, reblochon cheese, garlic mayo

Double swiss and bacon * £15

Aged beef patty, Swiss cheese, candied bacon, crispy onions, pickles

Cock-a-doodle-blue * £14

Crispy fried chicken, blue cheese crema, buffalo sauce, crispy onions, pickles

Korean f.c. * £16

Fried Korean style chicken thigh, belly pork, goma dressing, kimchi, baby gem lettuce

[VG] Umami tsunami * £14

Spiced lentil and mushroom pattie, wasabi mayo, pickled cabbage, crispy garlic flakes

Mac & cheese

Hop Nosh three-cheese macaroni served with tasty toppings

[V] Glastonbrie * £10

Somerset Brie, buttered panko & rosemary breadcrumbs, crispy onions

Raging bull * £12

Beef ragu, smashed garlic croutons, toasted Parmesan cheese, alioli

Don juan * £10

Chorizo sausage, mozzarella, sriracha sauce, green pesto, crispy onions

Mambo italiano * £11

Smoked pancetta, sautéed wild mushrooms, crispy onions, crispy garlic flakes, white truffle alioli


Made with our chef-made focaccia bread

The ruben * £12

Salt beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, crispy onions, pickles, rocket

[VG] Bhaji smuggler * £10

Carrot bhajis, chilli & peanut chutney, pickled red onions, fresh herbs, Bombay mix, raita

Yum yum chum * £11

Sticky pork belly, goma dressing, kimchi, pickled kohlrabi, crispy noodles, baby gem lettuce

Chicken Maryland * £12

Jerk roast chicken, sweetcorn fritter, spicy tomato relish, sour cream, chives, crispy garlic


German-style pork or vegan sausage in a bun, with tasty toppings

The berliner * £10

Bratwurst, sauerkraut, crispy onions, curried ketchup, hot mustard

Katsu curry * £12

Bratwurst, katsu curry sauce, pickled red onions, Bombay mix, chilli, coriander, spring onion

Buffalo bill * £10

Bratwurst, blue cheese crema, buffalo sauce, celery, crispy onions

Loaded fries

House seasoned fries loaded with flavour

Poutine * £8

Classic Canadian recipe – thick gravy and cheese curd

Tartiflette * £12

Smoke pancetta, Reblochon cheese, crispy onions, garlic mayo

October feast * £9

Pork or vegan Bratwurst, sauerkraut, crispy onions, curried ketchup, hot mustard

Cheesy grin * £6

Loaded with Cheddar cheese

Plain & simple fries * £4